Friday, July 22, 2011

Changing Times for Asian Women

Asian women's fashion is a growing and lucrative business without dispute.  When one views the many East Asian magazines for women's fashion, clothes, shoes, and other related products there is a definite realization that "fashion" itself is now an international enterprise.  Asian women have taken their place in the business world.  Furthermore, there seems to be no desire or indication that this trend will be slowing down either. 

Japan and China are huge markets for women's fashion today.  There is a great interest on the part of many women in these countries to have the latest and the best fashion available.  There is a sizeable amount of disposable, family income available to many women living in these areas to make such a goal a reality.  In short, the societies of these countries have been changing for some time now as women have acquired more education and status in the work place over time.  Chinese and Japanese women have come to seek equality in their work and relationships just as Western women have come to expect.

The mobility of women from different parts of Asia to the West has also caused social and economic changes.  Business is not a local enterprise any longer no matter where you live in the world.  Asian women are business people on more than one continent in the world we live in now.  As exciting as these things are, it must also be noted that traditional ideas about roles are quickly being discared by many women.  This has caused some to wonder what will become of their society and families in the future?  The answer is yet to be discovered.  However, it is best to approach the future with optimism whenver possible.  After all, change is inevitable.

Harlan Urwiler

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